In these conditions the term "the Company" means Simon Hopper (T/A Re-Fresh Kitchen & Bathrooms) . The term "the Customer" means the person, firm or company purchasing the services and / or goods. Each delivery of goods / work done by Simon Hopper(T/A Re-Fresh Kitchen & Bathrooms) shall be deemed to be a separate Contract to which these Terms and Conditions shall apply.


All orders placed with the Company shall be deemed to be subject to these terms and conditions and these are the only terms and conditions on which Orders and Contracts are accepted.

Price and payment

All prices are in pounds (£) sterling, inclusive of VAT, unless clearly stated otherwise. The Company only accepts cash or cheques as a form of payment for goods and services. Prices may change at any time prior to (but not after) acceptance of your Contract / order. Simon Hopper (T/A Re-Fresh Kitchen & Bathrooms) requires that a 25% of the total value of the Contract (cost of goods and / or services quoted) be paid prior to the delivery / installation date. In addition, the 50% interim payment is required before the end of the Contract. That payment can be split into instalments, depending on the lengths of the installation. Interim payment dates and amounts shell be discussed and agreed between the Customer and the Company and confirmed in writing prior to any work being undertaken. The balance of the purchase price payable by the Customer including the cost of any extras or variation thereof but after allowing for the interim payments and deposit paid, shall be due and payable immediately after all work being subject of the Contract is finished and commissioned. Interest will be payable on all sums overdue from the date on which payment should have been made at the rate of 4 per cent per annum over the basic rate of Bank of Scotland Plc for the time being in force on a monthly basis. The price payable shall be the price shown on the Contract in respect of which these terms and conditions apply and is fixed for a period of sixteen weeks from the receipt of the appropriate deposit, failing which the price shall be the price in force at the time of delivery and installation.

Delivery and installation

The Company will make every effort to effect delivery and installation as quoted but will not be liable for loss or damage caused by delay and all dates or periods quoted are approximate only and not an essential term. The Customer will afford access to the premises at which the installation carried by the Company is taking place at all reasonable times required by it for the purpose of this agreement.

Title and risk in goods

Title to Goods supplied under this Agreement (including without limitation title to the Materials / fittings) shall pass to the Customer on receipt by Simon Hopper(T/A Kitchen & Bathrooms) in full and cleared funds of ALL amounts payable (including VAT and any other applicable sales tax) under this agreement, whether or not payment of any such sum shall have become lawfully due. The property in the goods shall not pass to the Customer until they have been paid for in full.


Subject as provided below the Company warrants against faulty workmanship or materials from the date of installation for a period of 36 months but its sole liability under such warranty shall be limited to replacing or repairing such materials / fittings which the Company accepts as having being defective in materials and workmanship.

The Company shall incur no liability under this warranty 

  1.  unless the Company is promptly notified in writing upon discovery of any defects by the Customer.
  2. for any materials / fittings in which the alleged defect is found on examination to have been caused in whole or in part by misuse, neglect, overload or any alteration or attempt to remedy any alleged defect by anyone other than an authorised representative of the Company.
  3. until the full price under the Contract has been paid to the Company.


Any service or advice provided by the Company is offered in good faith and without any liability for loss or damage which may arise from them. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that information given in drawings, pictures, brochures, quotations or other documents is accurate, no responsibility is accepted for any errors which may occur therein and such documents do not constitute part of this Contract.


The Customer shall have no rights under any circumstances to cancel or vary this Contract or any installation or order without the prior written consent of the Company which consent shall be conditional upon payment of such compensation that the Company shall reasonably require.


The Contract shall be governed by Scottish Law and by the jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.