We specialise in all residential, commercial and industrial plumbing and central heating solutions. Gas and electric, we can supply and install any system according to your requirements

When planning anything that involves plumbing or drainage, installing or upgrading a central heating system, it is absolutely crucial to get the right people to do it.  All our gas work is installed by a GasSafe registered installer and are part L compliant, so we not only comply with current rules and regulations but also give you that extra peace of mind that not many competitors can offer.

Feedback from our customers tells us that we are not the cheapest plumbing and heating company in Edinburgh and surrounding areas, but nor are we the most expensive. This is just as we would like it to be, because we take pride in offering good value for money rather than trying to compete on cost alone. Value can be a deceiver. It can be engineer's way of masking deficiencies with numbers, of softening the blow of compromises in quality, efficiency and safety of any installation that would otherwise be deal-breakers. What appears to be a bargain can, in fact, be smoke and mirrors, basically.

Of course, genuine value for money is still a worthwhile unique selling point, provided it's delivered along with an uncompromised package. That's where our unique approach and craftsmanship gained through years of experience steps in, along with recommendation of using only the very best manufactures, like: